Canadian Goan Team Meets Immigration Minister

Canadian Goan team has a successful face to face meeting in Toronto on July 21 with Minister Jason Kenney - highlighting key immigration, social and moral issues.

A meeting was held in Toronto on July 21 from 4:00 to 5:30 PM by a Canadian Goan Catholic Team, led by Dr. Colin Saldanha M.D. with Federal Minister Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

While the key objective was to provide Minister Kenney with a better appreciation of the immigration related issues affecting our community, some other key societal and moral issues were also presented / discussed. Minister Kenney was appreciative of the opportunity to meet with Canadian Goans and candidly shared with the team his initiatives aimed at improving the quality and quantity of immigration to Canada based on merit and applicants' special circumstances.


Each of these team members agreed that Minister Kenney had clearly heard their views and the Minister would continue to work to ensure that the legitimate needs and aspirations of the Canadian Goan community would receive his attention as well as his department's. Minister Jason Kenney agreed to address and listen to as many members of the community as could possibly meet with him later this year at a large public GTA venue. Such an opportunity would provide a fine forum for two way discussions for Canadian Goans with Minister Kenney and such an event is being seriously considered.