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Toronto East Goan Seniors Association (TEGSA) was started in June 2003 by Claude Gomes, Elsie Fernandes, Hilary Fernandes and Bel Remedios. These founder members realized that there were very few organizations in the Greater Toronto area where the growing number of Goan seniors could connect. TEGSA was formed to meet these needs and has grown from its humble beginnings of 70 members to over 650 members to date.

The TEGSA logo, which is synonymous with our name, identity and culture, depicts Canada our new home with the Maple Leaf and CN Tower and Goa our ancestral home with the Coconut Trees. It was designed and created by Uvy Lopes and Louis Gomes-Pereira.

TEGSA has been run by an Executive Committee made up of dedicated volunteer members. Every two years a new committee is elected at an Annual General Meeting.

We have to congratulate all past and present committees for giving of their time and talents and doing such a wonderful job.

Seniors and their spouses fifty-five plus are eligible to apply for membership. All applications for membership have to be approved by the Executive Committee.

TEGSA strives to strengthen positive relationship, tolerance and respect towards every member. It also illustrates the relationship, the strength, the devotion and dedication to our Goan community.




  • To organize activities and develop programs for the benefit and well-being of the members.


  • To provide social, cultural and recreational activities to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the members.


  • To provide family-oriented programs and activities, to meet the expressed needs of the members.


  • To cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives by fostering friendly relationships and engaging in joint activities, where possible.

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